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The official start of the building of Business Park Rousse


Today on a special ceremony was announced the start of the building of the newest and the most modern project in the city of Rousse – Business Park Rousse. The official guests of that event were the Minister of Disasters and Accidents Emel Etem, the regional governor of Rousse Municipality Mariya Dimova, and the mayor of the city of Rousse Bozhidar Yotov.
The investor of the project is IRIS AD. The project envisages the building of office areas Class A, one underground and seven above ground floors with all-out area of 32 000 sq. m.
Following the best models of constructing such complexes, the creators of Business Park Rousse have projected wide trade areas, situated on the ground floor and accessible for the visitors, as well as conference halls, suitable for different events and meetings. For the comfort of the tenants there will be built storage facilities, which will be situated nearby the buildings.
According to the architecture project the Park will be equipped with more than 600 parking lots, 260 of which will be situated in the underground parking.
The advantages that Business Park Rousse offers to its tenants are as follows: well developed infrastructure and telecommunications, modern offices, flexible conditions for hiring offices and trade zones, great deal of parking lots for the tenants and the visitors, management, hourly usage of the conference halls, ecological and relevant to the demands of the modern people environment.
“Our idea is to make the Business Park a preferable place for business, which attracts with its vary of offerings, with its comfort and high level of security. We are convinced that the citizens of Rousse will evaluate its advantages”, said Miglena Dimitrova, executive director of IRIS AD. 

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